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Lord, I come to you as I sip a cup of tea:
a pen is close to hand and a pad rests on my knee.
The morning rush is over, my day with You begins.
I’m talking to You ‘in my mind’, of everyday things.

I discover You’re my friend – the One who makes my Spirit sing.
The brightness of the Light You shine, means more than anything.
And so I take You with me through each hour of the day;
Your unwavering Presence will not let me fall away.

You see me just the way I am and accept me when I falter.
My heart's moved by Your loyalty and a Love which does not alter.
A secret conversation is my passage through the night.
The Hope that You have given me, inspires these words I write!
Copyright © 2012


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This painting reminds me that I am continuously being invited on a journey. ”Its serenity, its powerful stillness" The artist, Zoe Hersey, calls the “pilgrimage" into one’s self.

Anyone who has ever felt the distance between herself and her true self-and who has looked for a way back-knows that the awe and humility that come from recognizing her place in nature can point the way. No matter how long the journey, when we return to our essence-our self-we are met with compassion, gentleness and love. And from here, hope and healing take flight.



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